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June 28, 2010

Delicious D.C.

I've been AWOL for the last few days because I've been up in Washington, D.C. for the annual conference of the American Library Association. And, between sessions at the conference, I ate.

Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of everything (like delicious sushi at Thai Chef, Drunken Noodle at Cafe Asia, or Chinese spare ribs at some tiny hole in the wall place in China Town), but here's what I have to share:

I went to Ping Pong Dim Sum in China Town, whose motto is "tiny little parcels of deliciousness," which was true.

Crispy hoi sin duck spring roll

Char sui buns, which are one of my favorite things. They're also called steamed pork buns, but in my family we call meat clouds, because they're basically delicious meat in a cloud of fluffy wonder.

Traditional sticky rice parcels, which, when unwrapped, looks like this:

It's sticky rice with chicken, pork, and king prawns.

And because I like to dip foods into sauces, a sauce platter of spicy mango sauce, basil, ginger, and black sesame seed sauce, and ginger and garlic sauce.

I also checked out Bistro D'Oc's upstairs menu, which is just small plates.

Cheese plate!

Everything was delicious. I wish I had the time (and money) to try out more!

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