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January 2, 2011

Double-Crusted Pizza from Southern Italy (p. 184)

This was my last recipe of the old year (I made it for NYE dinner), and also the last pizza recipe in the book. Sad! The recipes are starting to dwindle!

A double-crusted pizza is more like a savory pie than a pizza, because it has crust on both the bottom and the top, with the pizza deliciousness housed between the two layers. I was inspired by a recent pizza I had from Capital Creations that had a cornmeal crust (that, and the fact that I'm low on regular flour) so I made The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook's Basic Pizza Dough but used cornmeal instead of whole wheat flour. It turned out nicely.

The innards of the pizza came together quickly -- sauté yellow onion and smooshed garlic cloves in olive oil until soft and then add in your washed greens (I used spinach) until they're nice and soft.

Then add in chopped olives (kalamata -- yum!), plumped golden raisins, and pine nuts and cook for just a few minutes. Flavor with salt and pepper. The recipe also called for anchovies but knowing Matt wouldn't love them I left those out.

Once the pizza dough was ready, I lined a pie dish with about half of it and then filled it up with everything in my skillet. I formed a circle with the rest of the dough and placed it over the top of the pie, brushed it with a beaten egg and cut some slices in it it so that it wouldn't all explode in the oven.

And then into the oven, and out it came, perfect and beautiful.

We liked this. I think I prefer a single-crusted pizza, but this was definitely enjoyable.

Very filling, but enjoyable.

spinach -- $3.29
yellow onion -- $1.00
olives -- $3.90 (some left)
golden raisins -- $3.15 (tons left)
pine nuts -- $4.20 (about half left)
Total Cost of Double-Crusted Pizza from Southern Italy: $15.54
($1.94 per serving)

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