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November 13, 2010

New Kitchen Bookcases!

So, we moved into our house in August of 2009, and since then all of my cookbooks have lived crammed in a cabinet over my washing machine, which means I haven't really had access to any of them for over a year. Until yesterday, when we had bookshelves built underneath the counter in our kitchen.

I'm obsessed with the new shelves, and love having access to all of my cookbooks.

Also, somehow I hadn't even remembered that I own a Sara Foster cookbook, so now I'll be able to follow along with some more of my friend Sarah's recipes over at A Little Fancy, who cooks a lot of Sara Foster.

Plus, I can now get to some of my pretty jars of regularly used ingredients.

A huge thanks to Triangle Carpentry, Inc. -- if you live in the Triangle and need some carpentry work done I'd highly recommend them!

(They also made our gorgeous new mantle shelf.)

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  1. Cool! I also have Baking Illustrated and Cover and Bake--what great cookbooks! I also love your shelf.


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