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November 24, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

I got together with some of my lovely library school buddies this past weekend for a Christmas-cookie-baking party, and it was amazingly delicious.

My sugar cookies:

Emily K.s pecan tarts:

Emily D.'s snicker doodles (top pan) and my ginger snaps (bottom pan):

Marian's biscotti, after it's first bake:

More snicker doodles:

And somehow I missed snapping a picture of Libby's delicious molasses cookies.

Thanks, girls! Everything was delicious!


  1. I'd like one of each, please, with a generous helping of freshly whooped cream. And if you could work your magic so it happens in the next 10 minutes, it'd be the best Thanksgiving day breakfast ever.

  2. oh wow.. please send some my way...:) enjoy your weekend!


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