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November 7, 2010

Danish Pastry Apple Bars

I've gotten a ton of apples in my CSA for the past two weeks and both Matt and I are kind of getting sick of them. They just sit on my counter, uneaten, taunting me. Luckily, google searching came to my rescue and offered up Danish Pastry Apple Bars.

I didn't have the corn flakes that the recipe calls for, but otherwise followed it to a tee.

The dough was super easy to make and just took a couple of minutes. I've been missing my rolling pin since we moved into our house last August (I'm pretty sure it's in my kitchen, just somewhere super clever) so I used my back-up rolling pin; my pestle.

Next up, chopped apples and then a layer of sugar and cinnamon deliciousness on top.

Then a final layer of the dough. Mine looks nowhere near as lovely as the picture on the recipe; I'd make a weak pastry chef.

Luckily, prettiness doesn't always matter for pastry, and once I had brushed it down with the egg white and popped it in the oven my kitchen was fully of ridiculously delicious smells.

And then it was done. And I ate it. And I was happy.

And then I realized I hadn't made the icing, so I did that and drizzled it on and ate another piece.

This is great, and I'm thinking of making it for Thanksgiving this year because it's super easy to make, serve and eat as long as the pieces are pre-cut, and it's a fun rendition on apple pie.

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