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November 1, 2010

Middle Eastern Pizza -- Variation (p. 182)

I reserved some of the dough from the Middle Eastern Pizza I made a few days ago so that I could try this Palestinian variation of it.

Again, I toasted my pine nuts and put them in a bowl. With them, I stirred in raw minced onion, garlic, tomato, and a serrano pepper as well as ground beef. In a separate bowl I combined tahini and white wine vinegar and then mixed it in with the meat mixture. The recipe also called for allspice, but I forgot to put it in.

After that, the pizza has the same prep and cook time as the earlier one.

This is another total winner. We loved it, and once we're back to normal cooking I'll definitely add these two pizzas into my rotation.

CSA tomatoes -- $2.00
serrano pepper -- $.04
beef -- $1.10
pine nuts -- $5.99 (most of it is left, I just needed to re-stock)
tahini -- $7.49  (most of it is left, I just needed to re-stock)
Total Cost of Middle Eastern Pizza -- Variation : $16.62

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