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July 21, 2010

Turkish Yogurt Soup with Mint (p. 149)

I got to use some of my chicken stock in this soup! That's pretty much the only thing I really enjoyed about it. Otherwise -- eh.

Begin to simmer your chicken stock while preparing the rest of this meal. 

Whisk together an egg yolk and very cold water, then add some flour and continue whisking. Add more cold water and mix this into yogurt (I used Greek) and continue to whisk.  

Once the stock is simmering, beat the yogurt mixture into the stock and continue simmering. Don't let the mixture come to a boil because it will curdle the egg (gross.) 

The mixture will thicken into a creamy consistency -- add cooked chicken and cooked rice.  Once they are both warm, add salt and pepper and serve with mint leaves on top.

This wasn't disgusting, but it also isn't something I really want to eat. I love yogurt, but not so much soup that tastes like yogurt. I'm probably going to throw the rest of it away. Sigh.

chicken -- $2.69
yogurt -- $3.99
mint -- $2.99
Total Cost of Turkish Yogurt Soup with Mint : $9.67

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