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July 19, 2010

Pasta alla Checca (p. 200)

This is a very simple pasta dish. So simple, in fact, that the sauce isn't even cooked -- it's just a raw tomato sauce. To make it, combine red tomatoes (cut into small pieces), minced garlic, thinly sliced red onion, basil leaves, salt, pepper, and olive oil, and mix them all together. Put the bowl of "sauce" in the fridge until the pasta is ready.

Cook the pasta as you normally would, and as soon as it is done and has been drained, mix it with the sauce. Serve immediately.

Yum! This is light and fresh-tasting, but still fills you up. We'll definitely make this one again.

tomatoes -- 5.45
onion -- $1.45
Total Cost of Pasta all Checca : $6.90

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