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May 21, 2010

Tunisian Beet Salad with Harissa (p.81)

Oh, beets. You're so pretty. Let's combine you with harissa, which I love.

The beets this recipe calls for are huge -- 4 to 5 inches in diameter. I don't feel like I've ever seen beets that big, so I just bought regular ones.

After cleaning and drying the beets really well, they are oiled down and put in the oven for a seriously long time -- about two and a half hours. They come out when they're nice and tender.

Once the beets are somewhat cool, peel the skins off and dice them. Mix the diced beets with scallion, parsley, garlic, and harissa that has been diluted in red wine vinegar. Add olive oil and some salt and you have yourself a delicious little salad. Take it to Taco Night if you're feeling sassy.


beets -- $2.59
scallions -- $.69
Total Cost of Tunisian Beet Salad with Harissa: $3.28

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