I've cooked my way through all 264 recipes
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May 10, 2010

Mediterranean Summer Stew of Vegetables (p. 346)

I chose this recipe after receiving some lovely looking new potatoes and some great peas in my CSA box this week. It's basically just a billion different types of veggies simmered down together with some thyme.

The recipe says that this is best made in a terra cotta braising dish, which I happened to own, so I was pretty excited. I put olive oil in the bottom of the dish and added garlic and a chopped Texas onion (also from my CSA, also delicious) and began sautéing them. Almost immediately I heard a loud crack, and I no longer own a terra cotta braising dish. Fail.

Anyway, onward and upward. I threw everything into my stock pot and added more olive oil since some had escaped through the crack.

From there, the recipe is basically just layering veggies in. I put in a layer of new potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks, the peas, thyme, zucchini chunks, tomatoes, and salt and pepper. Then the lid went on and it did it's own work for about 45 minutes.

This was really tasty. I was surprised by how flavorful it was with only thyme, salt, and pepper, but it was. Also, it makes a ridiculous amount. The recipe says this will serve 6 - 8, but 6 of us ate it last night and there's still a ton. We'll be eating it all week.

onion -- $1.83
new potatoes -- $1.83
peppers -- $5.93
tomatoes -- $7.06
parsley -- $1.69
zucchini -- $4.22
peas -- $3.66
Total Cost of Mediterranean Summer Stew of Vegetables: $26.22 (makes a billion servings)

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