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May 18, 2010

Lebanese Garlic-Marinated Chicken on the Grill (p. 414) and Anissa's Garlic Sauce (p. 415)

We were so into the grilling that we decided to do it for a third night, except that tonight a deluge hit Raleigh and the grill was drenched. Matt reminded me that we have a griddle for the stove top, and we decided to give it a go.

I had already started marinating the chicken yesterday morning -- it's just garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, paprika, and black pepper. I mixed these all together into a paste and then poured them over the chicken breasts and left them covered and in the fridge all day.

Last night, once the griddle was nice and hot (my ultimate test is getting my fingers wet and flicking water on the griddle -- if it sizzles it's ready to go) I tossed the chicken on and let it go for about 8 minutes a side.

I flipped each piece over a few times and basted it with the remaining marinade to keep it juicy.

While the chicken was "grilling," I also started working on Anissa's Garlic Sauce, or Toum bi Zeit. A warning: only make this if you seriously love garlic. Like, want to marry it love it. Luckily, Matt and I are ready to take that next life step with garlic, so we were all about it. To make, combine garlic, salt, EVOO, and strained yogurt (we just used Fage.)

Both of these were awesome. The chicken was really tender and flavorful on its own thanks to the marinade, but great with the garlic sauce as well. In fact, we finished off all the garlic sauce because we loved it so much. (Though I only made a third of the recipe, so this isn't the craziest feat.)

The sauce looks a little gross in this picture, but I promise you its lovely. We paired the meal with Crash Hot Potatoes, which are always delightful. Make this.

chicken -- $8.99 (with three breasts left in the freezer)
lemon -- $.69
Total Cost of Lebanese Garlic-Marinated Chicken on the Grill: $ 9.68

garlic -- $.50
greek yogurt -- $4.59 (though I bought the large pack so I could have it for breakfasts)
Total Cost of Anissa's Garlic Sauce: $5.09

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