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May 7, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread

I keep stopping on page 105 of My Bread by Jim Lahey to look at the beautiful pictures of peanut butter and jelly bread, so I finally decided to make it.

The dough starts out similar to any other bread dough, except that before adding the cool water to the flour/salt/yeast mixture, you blend the water with peanut butter to give the bread a subtle peanut taste. Also, throw a little egg in there. And mix in some whole peanuts (I roasted my own.) Then let is rise for about 12 hours.

Once the bread has gone through the first rise, stretch the dough out into a rectangle.

Spread jelly (I chose raspberry preserves, because that's the best kind there is) over the bread, leaving a little room on each side.

Chop some peanuts and place them in the bottom of a loaf pan, reserving half to put on the top of the dough.

Now comes the tricky part -- fold the dough into thirds, crimp the ends together so that no jelly leaks out during the cooking process, and place the dough packet seam side down into the loaf pan. Scatter the rest of the nuts over the top of the dough and set to rise for another hour.

This goes in the oven for about an hour, and makes your house smell like a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is also what it tastes like.

Eat this. It's delicious.

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