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October 22, 2010

Sant'Ambrogio Yellow Pepper Soup (p. 128) with Crostini di Fegatini (p. 70)

It's fall and thus time for soups. I love soups, though my favorites are generally the cream-based kind that don't seem to exist in the Mediterranean (or at least not in my cookbook.)

Sant'Ambrogio Yellow Pepper Soup (also called Passato di Peperoni Gialli) is pretty simple to make, and other than the time that the peppers spend softening its actually a pretty quick recipe. Plus, it has red onion in it, which I adore.

Very gently sauté said red onion (chopped) in olive oil until it is just beginning to turn translucent. When this happens add in the chopped yellow peppers and chopped potato, both in large chunks.

Pour in simmering vegetable broth and ad salt and pepper and a dried chili. Leave these simmering, covered, for about an hour until the veggies are nice and soft.

Remove the chili and process the soup through a food mill until it is a soup-like consistency, then just re-heat on the pan.

I wanted to serve something a little bit hearty with the soup, so it was finally the time to use the chicken livers that had been sitting in my freezer for a month. I had a lot of trouble tracking down chicken livers -- the dude at Fresh Market laughed at me when I asked and Harris Teeter didn't know what I was talking about. But the Asian Market? Golden. And cheap! So those babies have been lying in wait for me to make Crostini di Fegatini, which I finally did.

Chicken livers are a little gross to touch, but also kind of beautiful -- all glossy and reddish. Just pick over them and cut off any spots that don't look good (the recipe said this, but my livers looked beautiful) and rinse them out in a colander.

Separately, saute minced onion (regular white onion this time, unfortunately) garlic, and parsley until very soft and then shove the vegetables aside and add in the livers (patted dry at this point.)

Cook over medium heat, chopping the livers up with a spoon as you go. When the livers have lost their pinkness, add in sherry and a little bit of water and continue cooking until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Once the livers are thoroughly cooked, stir in capers, more parsley, and lemon juice and mix well. Then top crusty bread with the fegatini and serve.

This meal was lovely! The soup was a really nice consistency and both sweet and savory. I added a little more salt and pepper and then really enjoyed it. The leftovers were yummy, too. The crostini were also delicious -- the livers tasted pretty much like pate and were delicious. Someone in my house categorically refused to eat any chicken livers, but that just meant more for me.

potato -- $.83
red onion -- $1.75 (half left)
yellow peppers -- $5.44
vegetable broth -- $1.98
Total Cost of Sant'Ambrogio Yellow Pepper Soup: $10.00 (for about 3 servings)

bread -- $3.99 (I used Fresh Market's ciabatta, and it was delish.)
lemon -- $.89 (half left)
chicken livers -- $1.90 (for way more than I needed)
Total Cost of Crostini di Fegatini: $6.78

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