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October 14, 2010

Chakchouka (p. 85)

Chakchouka is a Moroccan Salad of Tomatoes and Green Peppers, which I decided to use more as a salsa than a salad. I had some beautiful tomatoes -- the last of the summer's, probably -- from my CSA, so I was hoping for a really fresh tasting summery dish.

Peel and seed the tomatoes and then chop them into chunks to be simmered in olive oil with garlic.

Meanwhile, roast sweet pepper and a spicy chili over your stove until the skin is crinkly and black. Peel away the skin from the two roasted veggies, de-seed them, and dice them coarsely.

Once the tomatoes are jammy (I love it when they become jammy) ((actually, I really just love saying jammy)), add in the peppers as well as paprika and stir everything together.

This dish is generally served at room temperature and is normally eaten with pieces of bread to scoop it up. I went with my salsa concept and used chips instead. Hint of Lime chips, to be precise, which are my most favorite chips ever.

I prefer regular salsa, but this isn't bad. It has a strong roasted pepper flavor and is pretty sweet from the tomatoes.

tomatoes -- $1.57
green pepper -- $.99
Total Cost of Chakchouka: $2.56

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