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February 4, 2011

Okra Middle Eastern Style (p. 327)

I've actually been trying to track down okra for this recipe for about a month -- all the local stores had run out and couldn't tell me when more might come in. Finally, walking through Harris Teeter the other day I came across some and bought it up.

I've never cooked with okra before. Before trying this recipe, I think the only way I've ever eaten it is fried.

Okra kind of oozes something sticky out of it, which is a little gross, and means that you have to be very careful when trimming the ends -- just cut a little off!

The okra is lightly sauteed in olive oil and then removed from the heat.

The same olive oil is again used to cook onion, tomato, and garlic into a sauce -- then add the okra back in along with boiling water. Cook until most of the water has evaporated and then top with salt and pepper.

This was okay, but it mostly just tasted like onion and tomato -- the okra itself doesn't seem to have a whole lot of flavor, at least not in this preparation.

okra -- $1.76
tomato -- $.81
onion -- $.46 (half left)
Total Cost of Okra Middle Eastern Style: $3.03
($1.51 per serving)

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  1. I tried a similar recipe ~ my only try with okra! I remember it fondly and think that if okra was more common here I would make it again.... but it wasn't quite stunning enough for all the trouble to find the okra and prepare it!
    Same as you I think!


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