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August 27, 2010

Fresh Bean and Tuna Salad (p. 78)

I have a lot of trouble with the difference between beans and peas. What is it? I've looked it up (I actually devoted about an hour of research time to this the other day) but I still don't get it. So, I was supposed to use shelled fresh beans for this recipe. I researched beans, went to the store, and still came home with peas. Sugar snap peas, to be exact.

Whatever, I decided to deal with it and make the recipe anyway. I cooked the shelled peas for about 15 minutes in boiling water and then drained them and transfered them to a bowl. While still warm, I dressed the peas with olive oil and red wine vinegar as well as salt and pepper.

I flaked tuna (just the canned kind, drained of its oil) on top of the peas as well as very finely sliced red onion. The recipe also called for capers and parsley but I was tired of chopping, so I left them off.

The salad can be eaten hot or cold -- I chose cold, as my lunch. And it was delicious! Light but filling and with great flavors, I would definitely eat this again. Maybe by next time I'll figure out what a bean is.

red onion -- $1.13 (I have half left)
peas -- $8.05
Total Cost of Fresh Bean and Tuna Salad: $9.18

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