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June 16, 2011

Turkish Apricots Stuffed with Sweet, Thick Yogurt (p. 449)

This is so delicious! So easy! Why don't we eat this every night?!

Seriously, make this. It's lovely. Here's how:

Plump the apricots by putting them in a pot with water until it comes to a boil, then simmer.

Drain the apricots, reserving some of the liquid. Use the reserved liquid and combine with sugar to make a sort of syrup. Add the apricots back into the mixture and cook until they're extremely soft. Remove them again but save the syrup.

When they're cool enough, open the apricots and stuff them with a combination of thick yogurt mixed with sugar.

Close them up, like whoopie pies, the recipe says. Whoopie pies? I love whoopie pies!

Sprinkle the tops with some chopped pistachio.

And drizzle the reserved syrup back over them.

Yum. These make me happy.

pistachios -- $1.70 (3/4 of the bag left for a snack at work tomorrow!)
apricots -- $8.04 (about 1/4 are left)
Total Cost of Turkish Apricots Stuffed with Sweet, Thick Yogurt: $9.74

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