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June 12, 2011

Summer Corn Salad

This isn't from my cookbook, but I'm bitter about Mediterranean cooking right now since my refrigerator still smells like sardines.

We got some beautiful corn from our CSA this past week, and I had been planning on just having corn on the cob one night with dinner until I got lunch at Parker and Otis in Durham this week. Have you been? It's so delicious. I had a yummy corn side salad with my pimento grilled cheese sandwich, and it blew me away. So a change of plans for my corn -- this morning it became a salad.

I used this recipe because it had gotten great reviews, but made a couple of changes. I had a cucumber in the fridge, also from my CSA, and I decided to use that and ditch one of the three tomatoes. I also used a half a red onion and a half a white one to give it an extra kick. And fresh basil from the beautiful basil plant that Matt brought home yesterday from his work.

Once the corn is cooked, this comes together super quickly. It's just chopping and mixing, and then you have a fresh and delicious salad.

 Next time I'll probably use a quarter of a red onion and more white onion, because it had a bit too much of a bite to it, but I still loved it. I'll definitely finish this quickly, but luckily it made a ton.

I love summer.


  1. Lovely salad! Have you got a plate of bicarb in your fridge to soak up the sardine smell?

  2. Yup, I've got a new packet of baking soda in there -- hopefully it's starting to help!


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