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April 11, 2010

French Toast made from Pompe a L'huile

That Pompe a L'huile recipe made a lot of bread. It's good, but it's not savory enough to eat with dinner, and I don't want it fore breakfast every single day, so it hasn't been moving all that quickly. This morning, I decided to repurpose it into French Toast, which I love.

Neither of us was totally blown by it, but it was still tasty and a nice variant on the traditional recipe. Since the bread has a citrusy flavor to it, this was a bit sweeter than normal French Toast.

I'd do it again (and may tomorrow) to use the bread, but I probably wouldn't make Pompe a L'huile specifically to make the French Toast.

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  1. I bet it would make fantastic bread pudding, which I love.


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