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March 14, 2010

Greek Salad (p. 88)

This recipe is a classic Greek salad, also called the horiatiki, which means "country style." It's just a combination of fresh ingredients mixed together, so it's delicious, healthy, and easy.

Chop up all the ingredients (but not too finely, like you might for other salads) and combine them all in a bowl. This salad is huge and the recipe actually calls for a large deep platter to put it on, which I don't have. I divided mine between two bowls, which worked fine.

The recipe calls for anchovies, but says you can also substitute with drained tuna. I used the anchovies and am glad I did, because a lot of people commented on how much they liked them. Also, the co-host Blair was so excited about anchovies that he sent me home with a tin of a brand he's been enjoying.

I was bringing this salad (as well as the tapenade and bread) to a Mediterranean-themed cookout, so I brought the dressing along separately to toss with it later. The dressing is just olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and some oregano.

We had quite a feast. It was all delicious. All cookouts should be Mediterranean-themed. And now I have wonderful leftovers in my fridge.

romaine lettuce -- $1.79
green pepper -- $1.59
red pepper -- $1.23
anchovies -- $4.59 (about half the jar is left)
tomatoes -- $3.69
cucumber -- $1.99

Total Cost of Greek Salad: $14.88


  1. Amelia Cason3/15/10, 8:08 AM

    Could I do this with spinach instead of romaine? Or would that not be right?


  2. Hmmm, I dunno. I've never seen a Greek Salad with spinach. I suppose you could just call it something else though. Like a spinach salad.


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