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September 27, 2011

Banana Bread

I love banana bread, and only ever make the recipe from the Joy of Cooking. I'm sure there are other delicious recipes out there, but this one is solid and has never failed me.

And when my bananas are looking like this:

I know it's time to get some bread started. I'll only eat my bananas when they're still green, so this is way past prime for me.

Instead of doing a full loaf, I went with muffins and mini muffins this time.

I chopped pecans up to dust the regular-sized muffins with, and used semi-sweet chocolate chunks on the mini ones.

The Joy of Cooking recipe only has timing information for using a loaf pan, so I just kind of eyeballed them until they were done.

These are delicious. I've been heating up a banana nut muffin with butter every morning for breakfast.  They're amazing.

The little ones are lovely, too. I've popped them in my freezer to enjoy once we're done with the big ones, and Matt and I are looking forward to snacking on them soon.

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