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May 23, 2011

Moroccan Tagine of Beef with Potatoes and Apricots (p. 424)

I altered this recipe a tiny bit -- it called for turnips, but I knew we'd enjoy it more with potatoes. And we did, I think. Also, I don't have a tagine. I dealt.

This recipe takes a long time to make, but doesn't really require a lot of work throughout that time. Once the meat is browned (use either beef or lamb, cut into small chunks) add black pepper, fresh peeled ginger, saffron, and salt, and simmer for just a few minutes (basically, until your kitchen starts smelling delicious) before adding in thinly sliced red onion, garlic, and chopped tomato.

When the onions have softened up, add water to the pan and cover, cooking for about an hour and a half.  While the dish is cooking, soak apricots in water until soft.

Once the cooking time is up, add in drained apricots, along with chopped potatoes (or turnips, whatever), and a cinnamon stick.

Stir in chopped parsley and cilantro, and cook for about 10 more minutes. The recipe also calls for zucchini, but I scrapped that, too.

I served this with white rice and crusty bread, and it was delicious. We both loved the sweetness of the apricots with the savory meat, and gobbled up all the leftovers. I'd totally eat this again.

apricots -- $3.59
potato -- $.78
red onion -- $.65
ginger root -- $.16
tomato -- $2.18
cilantro -- $1.79
parsley -- $1.99
Total Cost of Morocan Tagine of Beef with Potatoes and Apricots: $11.34
($2.27 per serving -- somehow the cashier didn't ring up my beef, so that made things cheaper)

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