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September 12, 2010

Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp

Last weekend I was in Asheville visiting my dad and saw some library school friends who recently moved there, Sarah and Edwin. They invited me for brunch and Sarah made a delicious Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp (which she blogged about as well.)

I'm a sucker for apple crisp. It all started in my elementary school cafeteria, where once every few weeks they would slop some apple crisp into one of the sections of my tray. I adored the stuff, and so did my sister. My mom (who was a gourmet chef) would sometimes make us apple crisp, but it never compared to what they made at school. Actually, I've never found anything to live up to that. But I still try from time to time.

This past Thursday my CSA box was filled with beautiful North Carolina apples -- both Gala and Macintosh -- so I decided to try the recipe out for myself. I followed it exactly, except for the shredded coconut -- I left that out.

I love that the sweetness from this recipe comes mostly from honey, and that it's not too sweet for breakfast. The almonds are my favorite part of the recipe, they add a wonderful crunch to each bite. I warmed mine up this morning and topped it with Greek yogurt, and it was the perfect start to a perfect Sunday. (Though still doesn't compare to cafeteria apple crisp.)

Thanks for the recipe, Sarah!


  1. It's good cold, too! Edwin and I gobbled it all week and I'm sad it's gone.

  2. Oh, yes. Delicious both ways. I kind of want to try it with peaches, too.


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