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February 26, 2010

Supper Club!

Supper Clubs are the best thing ever. If you're not in one, I feel sad for you, because it's that much fun. For those of you not in the know, a Supper Club is basically just a group that meets and everyone brings a dish. In the club that my husband and I belong to, we have about 12 people (and some extras who are substitutes) that meet once a month at someone's house. We have a very detailed schemata (it's even color-coded) that we follow so that each participant knows what to bring and where to go. So fun.

Last night my husband and I hosted, which meant we chose the theme (brunch!) and supplied the drinks (Bloody Marys and Mimosas!) and everyone else provided food. So, I have no update for you about Mediterranean recipes that I've done (though I will after tonight -- I'm doing a roasted chicken and some sort of crazily-delicious sounding fried ricotta balls) but I do have a tummy very full of quiche, breakfast pizza, biscuits, crescent rolls stuffed with fake sausage and feta, and last but certainly not least, S'mores Pop Tarts (dessert.)


  1. I'm not in one! :( are you sad for me?

    your sister


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