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April 12, 2011

Koukia me Anginares (p. 319)

Koukia me Anginares is Broad Beans with Artichokes, and is supposed to be made with fresh fava beans, but I only had dried, so I soaked them overnight and then cooked them until tender before starting up the rest of the recipe.

And I know I've asked before, but why do cooked fava beans smell so gross?

Moving on. Sauté the fava beans as well as chopped onion and dill in olive oil, and cook until the onions have softened.

Add in the cleaned and prepped artichokes along with lemon juice and some salt and pepper.

The next step confused me a little -- add water until it covers the vegetables, cover, and cook until the artichokes are tender. Which I did, but then there was a ton of water in the pan. The recipe must have used a totally different type of pan then I did, because I had to drain everything so that the dish would look how I thought it should, but draining was definitely not included in the directions.

Well.... this is not my favorite. The beans seemed totally lacking in flavor and I was kind of bored by them. The artichoke leaves I dipped in melted butter, so I can't really complain about that part.

artichokes -- $5.99
Total Cost of Koukia me Anginares: $5.99
($2.00 per serving)

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